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Finding a good

blog-name-ideasFinding a good blog name is a must in the world of internet marketing. Many people just hard to find a good blog name. They usually one step behind with the competitor in finding a good blog name.

Usually a good blog name has already taken by others. Actually where is the place to find a blog name ideas as a reference? There are many place we can find ideas to find a niche topic of our blog/website, even a blog names.

We can find them in Amazon, ebay, search engine like google, bing, etc. There are plenty of topic that we can use as our niche blog. But the most important things is the traffic related with those topics? Even much better if we also thing about the competitor of those topics. Because more plenty of the competition is the more harder we put our effort to make our blog visible.

Find blog name ideas with huge traffic

As you know it is useless to have a beautiful blog with eye catching lay out and even with good contents, but with no traffic in it. Traffic play an important rules in internet marketing. With the traffic we can promote our product and we can make money  with it. So it is very important to think a good blog name ideas.

So how to find a good blog name? The easiest way is using google keyword tool. Just typing the topic you interested in. With the exact search find the niche topics related to your topic. For me, I use the local monthly searcher about 500 and global monthly searchers about 1000.

Use dot com for your blog name ideas

If you already find the name for your blog. And then you can check whether the domain name is still available. For the best result I usually use dot com for my domain name. Why? I think it is because people more familiar with domain name dot com. So when people want to come to my blog again someday, they can easily remember my domain name.

And I usually pick the domain name not more than 3 words. Because based on my experience, the domain name with 3 words easier to increase ranking in search engines. So if you interested in internet marketing, just start finding your blog name ideas.

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